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Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2010

Venue : Fraser's Hill, Raub.
Date : 19 & 20 June 2010
Organised By :
Perbadanan Kemajuan Bukit Fraser

Synopsis :
Bird watching is a healthy and academic outdoor sport. The objectives of the Fraser's Hill International Bird Race are to preserve nature and simultaneously to promote Fraser's Hill as a bird sanctuary. Even though the are other bird watching destinations in the country, Fraser's Hill is still a preferred destination because large species of mountain birds thrive comfortably in the most conductive habitats here, and at certain times of the year, migratory birds make their presence felt, although briefly.

The competition will be divided into three distinctive categories - the advanced category for the serious and experienced bird watchers who habitually return to Fraser's Hill at the slightest opportunity to do trial field runs, the novice category for those who just take up bird watching out of curiosity or treat bird watching as an academic hobby and the local category for the local residents who know the whereabouts of the birds in Fraser's Hill and see the birds everyday.


  • Recognition
  • Publicity
  • Printing
  • Media
  • Promotional Material


  • To create bird watching as an activity for tourist
  • To promote the Fraser's Hill as a tourism product.
  • To document fresh discoveries and experiences of participants

Fraser's Hill is often been referred to as a first class bird watching destination in this region, since this highland paradise is home to more than 250 species of wild birds. Come November and December each year, the virtually untouched mountainous forests of Fraser's Hill will receive many species of newcomers, that is the migratory species that fly across from places as far as northern Siberia of Russia and islands north of Japan and neighboring land mass, to seek new feeding grounds as well as to escape the freezing winter up north. The sightings of Siberian thrush from Siberia are often reported and they are truly a rare treat to ardent bird watchers. Normally these migratory species stay around in Fraser's Hill for couple of months before migrating southwards to Australia and New Zealand . They will fly back home to the north in March and April when the sun is getting sunnier.

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